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FTSE 100 Company Director Pay

We delighted to announce the launch of a new research report: An Analysis of Executive and Non-Executive Director Pay 2008/09 - 2012/13 published by Verum Financial Research.

This unique research analyses FTSE 100 directors' pay against company performance based on the Verum value composite performance index.

Over the fiscal period 2008/09 -2012/13, the report identifies:

  • Total Executive and non-executive director pay by company
  • Trends in basic salary, bonus pay and incentive pay by company
  • Return on director pay by company
  • At which companies director pay has grown faster than company performance
  • At which companies performance has grown faster than director pay
  • Companies with the highest executive and non-executive director pay
  • Growth in executive and non-executive pay by company
  • Trends in director pay by component - basic salary, bonuses and incentives
  • Trends in director pay by component and by company
  • Growth in director pay compared with company performance (Verum Index)
  • Trends in total aggregate director pay
  • Trends in basic salary pay
  • Trends in bonus pay (cash and share bonuses)
  • Trends in incentive pay

The report is available in two volumes:

Volume 1 - Analysis of director pay by
Component and by company:

  • Analysis of Company Performance & Pay
    • Total Directors' Pay
    • Executive Directors' Pay
    • Executive Directors' Average Pay
  • Analysis of Pay by Component & Company
    • Basic Salary
    • Bonus Pay
    • Incentive Pay
  • The Verum Index (Pay v Performance)
    • Total Directors' Pay by Company
    • Average Exec Directors' Pay by Company
    • Bonus Pay by Company

Volume 2 - Individual FTSE 100 Company Payand Performance Profiles:

  • Executive Pay
  • Non-Executive Pay
  • Operating Profit and Director Pay
  • Operating Profit and Director Pay Growth
  • Return on Pay and Capital
  • Pay and Company Performance Index
  • Growth in Exec Dir Pay and Performance
  • Growth in Non-Exec Pay and Performance
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What These Reports Will Give You...

For Investors or Analysts

  • Identify which companies have delivered real investor value in terms of pay versus performance over the period 2008/09 - 2012/13
  • Compare a company's director pay and performance against other FTSE 100 companies
  • Identify where individual companies rank in terms of total pay, average pay and bonus pay against performance relative to other companies
  • Identify which companies over-pay or under-pay their directors relative to performance

For FTSE 100 Companies

  • Justify your director pay and reward policies in terms of actual company performance to major investors
  • Compare your company's director pay and performance against other FTSE 100 companies
  • Use the Verum Index as a tool when considering the structure of future pay and reward policies
  • Use Verum's independent research and the Verum Index to promote your company's pay and performance in the press and to investors